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California Exotic Novelties have been in Kathi's Party Kit and in our Pepper's Parties, Too! retail store from the start. Many of our most satisfied customers swear by CalEx products!

Here are 5 products you might want to consider playing with in 2016.

#1 -California Exotic Novelties Scandal Line – If you have Kinky in your blueprint at all, and you are a beginner in the kink world you will love this line.  One, it has a beautiful red and black brocade.  Two, there are a large variety of toys to play with in this line and they aren’t too much of an investment.  Check out the Scandal Paddle, the Feather Crop, the Corset Cuffs, and more.

#2- Embrace Massage Wand –  Use this massage wand for all over the body sensual massage and for all your sexy parts.  It’s rechargeable and made of high quality silicone.

#3 – Hot Cabi –  Okay, this one may seem weird but let me tell you that it’s one that make all the difference during sex and sensual massage.  A Hot Cabi is a heated box that allows you to warm up towels and oils. It also sanitizes your toys.  They are usually used in spas for facials and massage.  I’ve had mine for over 12 years!  Perfect for warming coconut oil and small towels for easy clean up.  You can also warm heat packs and paraffin inside them for temperature play.

#4- Jopen Vanity Vr1 –  Made of high-quality silicone, USB rechargeable, water-proof, and whisper quiet the Vr1 takes pelvic floor exercising to new pleasurable height.

Bonus:  I just have to add this bonus one because it is the one that all my clients exclaim that they have to buy and use.  It’s a massage table.  Yep,  massage tables are awesome not just for sensual massage but also for kinky play (you can tie your lover to it), positional variety and more.

So there they are, some of best from California Exotic Novelties, Jopen, and two unexpected favorites.  Go for it!  Take your love life to the next level!

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