August Proclaimed Official Anal Sex Month

August Proclaimed Official Anal Sex Month

Get Behind Anal Sex

August is officially Anal Sex Month, and though you might not see it printed on any Hallmark calendars, it’s golden opportunity to start a conversation in the often mystified world of anal!

If people who enjoyed anal had their way, every month would be dedicated to anal sex! But while many enjoy anal pleasure, the subject can still be considered taboo in the mainstream and often used as a punchline. Unfortunately, this stigmatizes the people who enjoy it or are interested in trying it, and hinders access to accurate information about this practice and its numerous pleasure and health benefits. However, in recent years anal has become popular and talked about as not just purely for gay men. With the rise of pegging, where a woman wears a strapon and performs anal sex on a man, it shows that anal can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

Because of this shame often associated with anal play, people may be timid or uncomfortable to talk openly about it. We want to put you at ease by making sure we at pepper’s are always open and welcoming to customers who want to shop anal pleasure products, ask questions or seek your advice.

The Fun-damentals

Let’s go through some butt basics!


Since we’re dealing with the back door here, you may be concerned with keeping things nice and tidy. Luckily, there are many products on the market to help cleanse the colon that will ensure a squeaky clean experience when performing anal sex. For a quick and safe enema session, we recommend the Clean Stream Deluxe Enema Bulb featuring an easy grip design. For the manlier customer segment, there’s always the Big Man Cleanser with a spiraled cleanser probe that holds up to 14 ounces of fluid.  Another way you can clean up is by using wipes like System JO’s Personal Cleansing Wipes or Aneros’ Anti-bacterial  Wipes.


A key component to a safe and comfortable anal experience is lube. Lots and lots and lots of lube (There’s no such things as too much lube!). Usually, silicone or hybrid lubes work best for anal penetration. Each person has their own  personal preference, but if you’re a beginner, it would be good to steer them to a lube with a lot of cushion, a lube that provides a thick barrier between the recipient and the anal penetrating object. If you have a silicone toy you may want to stick to a water based lubricant made for back door play, like the Wicked Jelle, or the Pjur Backdoor Comfort. (#Pepper’sFavorites)

Pepper’s carries many popular brands of lube that work great for anal play.

Wet Platinum Premium Silicone is a lubricant with the highest-grade silicone for a truly slippery experience. For timid first-timers, ID Backslide Anal Lubricant uses clove and spilanthes extracts to induce a natural muscle-relaxing effect. And for your germaphobic customers, Intimate Earth Soothe Anti-Bacterial Anal Glide uses natural guava bark as an anti-bacterial agent.


Anal toys can add an additional dimension of pleasure to both women and men and can be utilized for both solo and partner play. These toys include dildos (ideally smooth ones like the Tantus silk), anal beads, butt plugs (and huge plugs for you size queens and kings out there 😉 ) and prostate massagers.

We carry many popular anal sex toys so you can get it on during Anal Sex Month. For instance, the Anal Fantasy Collection Remote Control Silicone Plug delivers mind-blowing vibrations between the sheets AND the cheeks.

For some velvet-touch silicone prostate play, we recommend the best-seller Aneros Helix Syn, which has won many awards over the years since its debut. And for anyone looking to shake and shimmy with pleasure, give the VeDO Earth Quaker Anal Vibe a spin. This bad boy boasts 12 extremely powerful vibration modes and features silky smooth silicone texture for enjoying deeper delights.

We have all shapes, sized, and colors to meet your ASS-thetic needs!

Remember, lube is something you don’t ever want to run out of, so make sure you’re carrying enough to go around!

And make sure to stop by Pepper’s! our staff is well educated and entertaining, we will be happy to guide you through the wonderful world of anal!  Mention this article and we’ll have some free goodies for you!
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