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Bringing in the New Year is usually one of my favorite times.  I get to reflect on the accomplishments of the last year and then make out all my goals for the new one. 

I LOVE goal setting.  I even keep a journal just for this purpose. Here’s my process:

  •  I write down 100 specific goals for the year. 
  •  I take each goal and break it down into – money it will take, time it will take, and smaller actionable wins that will help me achieve that goal.
  •  I make sure I have a balance of relationship goals, family goals, business goals, personal growth goals, financial goals etc.
  •  I then read my 100 goals every day
  •  As I achieve the small wins or the bigger goal I put a check mark next to it – that’s my favorite part.

There has never been a year where I hit all 100 goals.  And I love that.  I dream big and if I get 10% I consider that a success.  In 2015 I hit 80% of my goals.  It was a big year.

But as the year came to a close I felt overwhelm instead of celebration, not because there was pressure to fulfill on my big dreams, but because, with a new level of success I didn’t have room for my dreams in 2016.

During the holidays I wondered around the house edgy and grumpy and not in the mood for intimate connection (yep, I know something is seriously wrong when it gets to this point).  And a lot of it stemmed from knowing that my January, February and even March are so booked that my goals and dreams had no space to be nurtured and cultivated. 

I’m grateful for all the opportunities and for living in a time when so much is available to me.  I have so much gratitude sometimes it fills me up and washes over me bringing tears and heart open breaths.  As more comes I also have to practice saying no, practice keeping room for goals and dreams, practice weaving in the magic of big vision into the daily mundane grind. 

So I ask you, do you have room for your dreams and goals or is the mundane grind keeping you from a big vision for you life? 

Have you shrunk your dreams to fit your current situation? 

Is your life happening by default instead of by design? 

Let’s dream big in 2016!  Share with me, what are some of your big goals for the New Year?

Here are some big goals I have for 2016:

–       To change someone’s life in a positive way

–       Do a 4 Day unplug with my lover for our anniversary

–       Visit a Flotation Tank 2 hours a day 3x a week for 3 weeks

–       Record a song I wrote and put it out into the world

–       Speak somewhere amazing

–       Visit Boulder Colorado

–       Make a bigger impact on relationships and sexuality

–       Finish my Ph.D

–       Give my partner an Epic Adventure Date Experience

 If you see any way you could help support me in one of these goals just let me know! 

One step I’m taking to overcome the obstacle of such a full plate is putting in time in my schedule for me to work towards my goals for 2016.  This is time to dream, to be in the big vision and let myself dance in the future as if it’s already here.

Ok, big deep breath.  I do have control over my time.  I can create the space to dream and to weave magic into every mundane task everyday.  I invite you in!

So put some time in your schedule to dream for this new year, to plan, to outline what it will take to make those dreams a reality.  This isn’t just goal setting, this goal getting!

Make sure to set some juicy ones for your love life this year!

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