Because of you, we received this!

We received a very nice compliment by being featured in the FSC Newsletter.


Member’s Spotlight: Pepper’s Parties, Too

September 26, 2014

Meet Kathi Sherman and James Hubbard of Pepper’s Parties Too, located in Hattiesburg, MS. Like many pleasure products retailers, Kathi and James have had a hand in a little bit of everything, including home parties and sexuality seminars – until finally, demand for product and education inspired them to open a brick-n-mortar store in January, 2012.
And though the South has a reputation for being a somewhat difficult region in which to build an adult-oriented business, they have found their success being supported by customers, as well as local city officials.

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First, we thank our customers.

Kathi became hooked on delivering sexual health information and products at her first presentation. You are the best supporters, fans, and customers on the planet. Over the years many customers have become real friends. Thank you for your loyalty and support. As we told our current staff, this recognition is not just about us, but it’s also a direct compliment to you as well. Your acceptance of Kathi’s presentations and information has allowed us to develop Kathi’s passion into her career dream.


Thanks to Mississippi’s Webb Wilder! It’s heard all the time in our offices!

[note_box]I’m a bit giddy as I read this article about us and our company in the FSC Newsletter. We’ve never been featured in such a publication so thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such a lovely piece!

I am fortunate to have some of the most loyal customers, with whom we wouldn’t have a business. There are so many of you who are unable to count the number of Pepper’s Parties you have attended and/or hosted. You’ve been the backbone of our business and I just want to say thank you for spreading the word.

When I did my first party in May 1995, I was instantly hooked, line and sinker. I was able to talk about sexual health and wellness issues with a Sunday School class and share with them our products. While this was my first party, it was also a first for many of those women and I was proud to introduce them to new and exciting sexual accessories. I only sold $60 that night, but it didn’t matter. I was on a mission and knew that someday my background in psychology would assist me in this part of my career. Did it ever??!!

This would also not be possible without the help of our staff members: Ginger, Erin and Jennifer. Your passion for this industry and the way you take care of our customers has helped us to succeed as a company. You manage details and help our customers feel right at home. It’s great to have you on our team!